In October, former Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty in June┬áin a federal bribery trial. Now, it’s down to two candidates to face off in the general election for the District Attorney position.

Republican Candidate Beth Grossman certainly holds the position of an underdog in this race, facing off against the progressive democrat Larry Krasner. Grossman has spent the last twenty-one years as a prosecutor wearing every hat imaginable in the District Attorney’s office. She also was the head person in charge of the Nuisance Task Force, which frequently sparked some controversy over people losing their homes for crimes that they may not have committed. Grossman says she was following the rules at the time, but as DA Grossman vows to only take property from those who have actually committed a crime.

Grossman’s opponent, Larry Krasner, has a polar opposite platform. Krasner is a civil rights lawyer who is running social justice and reform. He has called law enforcement “systematically racist” and looks to combat that if elected. He has defended clients on issues of immigration, freedom of speech, gay rights, and police brutality. He has even sued the Philadelphia Police Department more than 75 times. Being the democratic candidate in an overwhelmingly democratic city, he has the popular vote. He does not however, have any prosecuting experience like Grossman does. Krasner says he knows how the system works and he seeks to fundamentally change the DA’s office prosecutorial approach.