The Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor presented their 5th Annual Philadelphia Alternative Taxidermy Competition at the Ruba Club in Northern Liberties. Contestants of all skill levels were able to show off their works and tell the judges a little about their piece. Once the doors opened you could not find an empty seat in the house. Everyone gathered at the stage to look at all the unique works. People were also encouraged to get dressed up, either fancy or in costume, for the event. Everyone was welcome to grab a drink and take photos of the art.

Kyndal Christofferson created a fan art taxidermy piece of Supernatural for the competition. “I mostly work with road kill,” says Christofferson.

As a special treat, John Whitenight displayed some of his Victorian Taxidermy from his collection as well as spoke about their history. From an ostrich egg to a preserved dog under a glass dome, the Victorian taxidermy received cheers and memorized stares from the crowd. Whitenight is the author of Under Glass: A Victorian Obsession. He was also one of the judges for the competition.

taxidermy display

These are three works of art from the show being displayed on stage.

At the end of the show, the judges award different trophies to the contestants. There was even an award for Best Dressed of the Night. Kristie Pagliaro Matt hosted the event. She says the best part about the night is being with like minded people that share a love for dead things.


Texts and Images by Holly Martin